Valentine’s Day – Italian Romantic Cooking Class (Vegan)

/Valentine’s Day – Italian Romantic Cooking Class (Vegan)
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Valentine’s Day – Italian Romantic Cooking Class (Vegan)

Enjoy fantastic moments with your partner during the sweetest day of the year, surprise your #Love with an unexpected gift.

You will experience together an original night that differs form the usual dinner at the restaurant.

A night spent in an authentic Italian elegant style, food will be the protagonist, you will celebrate this special day of the year learning together how to cook true Italian dishes.

Celebrate your #Love doing something different, curious, you will discover a new way to spend Valentine’s Day.

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An Italian food cooking teacher will guide you through how to prepare delicious meals. Then you will have the chance to taste the dishes you created, it will be a fantastic and intense experience full of new vibes.

♥♥ MENU ♥♥
– Caponata
– Panzanella
– Aubergine meatballs

Caponata, panzanella and aubergine meatballs are traditional Italian dishes. They are perfect for a romantic aperitivo and….they are vegan! An amazing sweet and sour mix of vegetables (Caponata), a bread fresh salad and some Sicilian aubergine meatballs (completely vegan).

♥♥ Try a new romantic experience ♥♥


Bellavita Academy
11c Dock Street | London | E1 8JN