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Bellavita Network – The community of professionals for the promotion of Italian Food & Wine Excellence

   Bellavita Network Aims

  • Bring together food industry professionals to promote Italian food culture, heritage, ingredients and producers. A contacts directory will be issued to all members.
  • Expand members expertise and experience of the industry and keep them informed with updates and useful information.
  • Encourage progress and improvement of food education, events, discussions, awards and competitions, all in contribution to increasing public interest and knowledge of Italian food.
  • Campaign for better developments in the quality of food.

   Campaigns for Improvements

  • Compare and discuss different opinions
  • Ensure correct educational information
  • Improve learning opportunities available
  • Increase appreciation of authentic Italian food


  • Membership is open to those who work within the food, beverage and communication business and who have an interest in Italian food.
  • Membership is exclusively for those working in the food & beverage sector. To apply, either submit your application and wait for it to be approved by Bellavita or ask another member for a referral invite.