Bellavita Academy is the new institute of Italian culinary culture in central London, a hub where professionals can attend classes, events, workshops and debates to further improve their competences and network.

Born as a marketing platform to support small and large Italian brands to meet, educate and network with the industry.

Bellavita Academy supports chefs, sommeliers and buyers in keeping up to date with the latest industry developments, with the aim of connecting brands with trade professionals and decision makers.


Bellavita Academy is dedicated to providing the highest level of educational courses thanks to the expertise of certified partners within the food and wine industry.

The multiple years of expertise held by the institutions the Academy collaborates with, will guide the attendees of the courses through a clear understanding of the professional techniques required for each area of specialisation.

“Together with worldwide educational institutions and solid business professionals, Bellavita Academy aims to shape the future of the new generation of high-calibre staff within the gastronomic industry focusing on the Italian identity”


Bellavita Academy regularly hosts a series of sponsored consumers` masterclasses such as Pizza making classes, Pasta making classes and Italian wine tastings.


Bellavita Academy is very active in the community giving its support to more and more food related charities thanks to the “Affordable Venue” project.